Happy 1st Birthday 123Teachers

One year ago today I made the scary, but exciting, move to start 123Teachers, supplying  teachers and support staff to local schools across the North East and North Yorkshire. I knew the market well with over 14 years experience, understanding safeguarding standards, school and candidates expectations, but lacked the knowledge to start my own business and ensure complete compliance. I sought advice and guidance and spent a large amount of time developing a business plan, realising a concept that made me stand out from the competition and started working through line after line of a huge 'to do' list.

What has surprised me is the interest I have received from schools, cover teachers and support staff, all of whom have recommended friends, colleagues and other schools. These relationships have helped me develop streamline systems and processes to ensure 123Teachers exceed expectation.

I would also like to thank all the people that provided guidance, support, advice during my first year. You know who you are! Family have been there throughout providing support and positivity. 

After 12 months I now have an excellent group of client schools across all sectors primary, secondary, SEND and FE. The candidates who have register and are still with me or those who registered then were placed into new roles – THANK YOU. 

My 'to do' list isn't any shorter but we have come along way in a short time, we have two new members in the office team, ensuring Quality and Compliance is second to none and our Secondary Manager continues to develop and grow our secondary school links.

If you are looking for a new challenge and experience please don’t hesitate to contact our Darlington office on 01325 734832. Whether you are a school leader or supply teacher/support staff come and try something that will exceed your expectations.