Happy Easter to all Educational staff

Tuesday, 19th April 2022

Happy Easter - hope everyone enjoys a well earned break ready for the Summer Term

At 123Teachers we hope you are all enjoying the Easter Break, I feel that the spring term was exceptionally wearing on everyone and the break is very much needed. 

My thoughts from the spring term was that of school leaders trying to juggle staffing issues whilst still providing school direction and positivity, jumping into classes when really needed and rolling their sleeves up as and when. Teaching staff working so hard to give each child the education they deserve, with pupils still impacted from the COVID lockdown, teachers also trying to avoid COVID and other illnesses to avoid time off.

Support staff, essential to any school and classroom, again trying to avoid illness to remain in class, having to go above and beyond at times when staffing was so limited they were called in to support classes. 

Admin staff, cover managers, pastoral support etc, all having to deal with absence issues, the usual challenges of schools, difficulties in finding cover staff to replace their own staff. 

I am sure there will be many other stories of challenge throughout the spring term, lets not even mention those schools visited by Ofsted. Overall another stressful term, fingers crossed to a more settled summer term!!

Enjoy the rest of the break, if you are looking for work get in contact, if you need cover after Easter get in contact, if you are one of 123Teachers registered team ring anytime. 

We look forward to the summer term. Thanks