The Supply Teacher’s Survival Guide for the Academic Year Ahead

Wednesday, 12th September 2018

Supply teaching is the perfect way to balance time in the classroom with your own extra-curricular pursuits. With added flexibility and the chance to experience a variety of schools, becoming a supply teacher can enhance your CV and experience. Therefore preparation is key, so we've put together some handy hints and tips to support you in your planning for the year ahead as a supply teacher.

The Supply Teacher’s Survival Guide for the Academic Year Ahead

Being a supply teacher is a great way to enjoy flexible working and experience a variety of educational environments. To mark the beginning of the academic year, we have put together 10 tips on how to make sure your time in the classroom goes as smoothly as possible:

1) Refresh and add to your existing classroom materials. Ensure you have a range of Ice Breakers, Extension Tasks and Reward Activities to enhance learning outcomes.

2) Have back-up lessons planned and to call upon in the absence of planning.

3) Create your own classroom and discipline procedures and be ready to align these with individual schools.

4) Organise how you are going to leave follow-up or feedback notes for the returning teacher – this will ensure effective follow-up and increase the chance you are asked back to the school.

5) Familiarise yourself with OfSTED reports of your most visited schools to keep up to date with any changes and focuses for these schools.

6) Familiarise yourself with travel routes to your most visited schools in case of any road closures or road works. Delays can lead to unnecessary stress!

7) Put together a ‘School Year Calendar’ detailing key dates and focuses such as World Book Day, Mental Health Awareness week etc to help as a teaching tool.

8) Take time to reflect on the year recently completed and use it to analyse what you do well, what you could do more of and what you could better to make this year even better.

9) Have your Photo ID and DBS in your supply bag to ensure you get passed the school reception!

10) Keep your Agency up to date with changes in skills, experience and availability.

We wish you good luck with the forthcoming year!